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Rita Glynn-Smith, Owner/Founder

My corporate experience was the school of knowledge. I worked in the Fortune 500 marketplace and the marketing reflected it. It facilitated learning from some of the best, and under best business practices. I wanted to provide that same level of dedication and service - that the big budgets can afford - to the small, start-up and young business or organization - who has limited budgets and a lean staff. Every penny counts for them, so I wanted to give them the very best for a very reasonable amount.

Of course it helps that I love everything Marketing. Everything I look at, or listen to, I think about how it was positioned, what are the points they are trying to make and have they made them. I really enjoy doing that with commercials. There is some extraordinary talent out there. Marketing is more than a function - in my universe, it’s an art - specifically, the planning, development, production and implementation with a precise set of guidelines, requirements, timetables and milestones, against a set of deliverables to achieve a specific objective. I see Marketing, and the functions of Marketing, essential to the success of anything worth promoting. Marketing should look at the end objective and ask itself “what do I need to do in order to achieve that objective” and start from there.


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