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Different things, different clients 

Having to step in, sometimes at the last minute, is challenging in itself. Usually, time is of the essence, and our clients have a grave sense of urgency. Others were disappointed and frustrated carrying the baggage of failed marketing attempts. Still they were looking for the solution that was right for them. At RGS, our job is to fix what needs to be fixed, and give you the clarity you need to see your future.   

This is what they needed:

Training for Techies – Brochure design and development (including program content), mission and strategy refinement, market entry point research and development.

ProjectConnections – Web development, client-focused programs, strategic marketing directions and definition, collateral suite development, messaging, event management, branding, traditional and new media presence, new market penetration.

IPC Information Systems – Corporate event and trade show management, content development, marketing and technical support material development, budget development and management, graphic production, program outline, vendor management, collateral development, special events



PeopleThink – Unifying collateral suite, newsletter design, content and distribution, direct mail, strategic planning, presentation refinement, new media strategy, website strategy & content contribution, webinar support materials and creative development.

International Multimedia Telecommunications Consortium - strategic marketing, research, web audit, redesign and development, membership drives, surveys, community and public relations, internal and external branding initiatives, presentation and tutorial development.

Animal Medical Center of San Diego – marketing strategy and communications plan, collateral suite design, content development, creative design and development, event management, client, community, and media relations.